About Us

Colza was founded in March 1999 by Julian Holden, an IT consultant with over 20 years experience of working in both public and private sectors

Our aims are to provide a complete and cost-effective web marketing service. Our offerings include effective web design, the provision of high-quality web hosting, and a complete and effective web marketing service.

We believe in providing the right website and marketing for each client. We do not use standard templates, everything we create is unique for each customer. We are happy to use your designs or to work with you to provide a complete "look" for your site.

The Internet is unique. While any pre-existing corporate identity can and should be carried over into your web marketing any attempt at forcing your website to look like your print advertising runs the risk of losing the advantages of the web.

We are great believers in the power of text. Graphics should be used to illustrate your products but not for their own sake. Poor graphics cheapen a website and animation is often a distraction from your message - except where it can be used to easily explain the workings of a product or service.